Scientific Approach

DUBs are increasingly being considered as attractive therapeutic targets due to their relevance to many diseases such as cancer, inflammation, neurodegeneration, muscle wasting and infectious disease. However, despite significant efforts within the pharmaceutical sector, these targets have, hitherto, been intractable.

Mission has developed a proprietary and World-class technological and transferable expertise in developing DUB inhibitors. This DUB platform comprises several proprietary elements including: insights into DUB target validation, a DUB-specific screening cascade, and a growing library of small-molecule DUB inhibitors

The application of this DUB platform has resulted in the development of a rich pipeline of DUB inhibitor programmes that are progressing towards clinical development, preferentially together with patient selection strategies.

By virtue of the development of this DUB platform, Mission has the potential to explore multiple additional DUB targets of relevance to other disease indications, both internally and through partnerships with other pharmaceutical companies.

Mission is securing its platform and pipeline with multiple patent filings covering target validation, proprietary assay development, composition-of-matter and patient selection/biomarker strategies.


DUB Platform

Mission Therapeutics has built a World-leading platform for the discovery and development of first-in-class, small-molecule drugs that selectively target deubiquitylating enzymes (DUBs).

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Clinical Advisory Board

Mission Therapeutics has a World-renowned Clinical Advisory Board.



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