Dr. Gabriella Gamboni MD

Dr. Gabriella Gamboni is currently CEO of BiovelocITA, the first Italian accelerator dedicated to biotech companies. Through 2013 Dr Camboni, was Chief Operating Officer of EOS, a start-up company devoted to translational research in oncology that she co-founded with Silvano Spinelli in 2006; in 2013 EOS was sold to Clovis Inc. in a $400M+ deal.

Over 20+ years Dr Camboni, held various pharma industry positions notably at Novartis Oncology and Novuspharma (a Roche spin-off company she co-founded that is now part of Cell Therapeutics). Prior to joining the industry, Gabriella was a fellow at the University of Milan. In addition to her responsibilities at Mission, she is currently a Board Director at Genenta Science.