Professor Titia Sixma, PhD

Group Leader and Head of Biochemistry Division at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, Professor at Erasmus MC Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Prof. Sixma’s research group studies ubiquitin conjugation/deconjugation and DNA repair using a combination of structural methods and biochemistry to understand basic cellular processes. Her aim is to understand structural aspects of the errors that occur in cell biology that lead to cancer development. A major aspect of Prof. Sixma’s work uses protein crystallography, biochemical and biophysical techniques to understand the catalytic activities of deubiquitylating enzymes (DUBs) and how they are regulated by protein partners, cofactors and other domains outside the DUB catalytic subunit. She also collaborates with cell biologists to improve understanding of carcinogenesis as well as the molecular mechanisms that could provide a basis for novel and/or improved drug design.