Mission Therapeutics is developing a rich pipeline of first-in-class small molecule DUBs inhibitors for a number of significant clinical indications.

We are currently prioritizing four lead DUB target programs that are based on extensive research around the ~100 human DUBs and their market opportunities.

Our world-leading drug discovery and development platform gives us the opportunity to explore multiple additional DUB targets of relevance to other disease indications, both in-house and through partnerships with other pharmaceutical companies.

Several of our USP30 inhibitor programs are in pre-clinical development.

In-house programs

ResearchPreclinicalPhase I

DUB program: USP30 Inhibitor
Rationale/target: Increased mitophagy
Therapeutic indication: Mitochondrial diseases (learn more) Neurodegeneration / Parkinson’s (learn more)

DUB program: USP30 Inhibitor (learn more)
Rationale/target: Increased mitophagy
Therapeutic indication: Peripheral USP30 indications

DUB program: UCHL1 (learn more)
Rationale/target: TGF pathway
Therapeutic indication: Fibrosis

DUB program: USP10 Inhibitor
Rationale/target: Increased autophagy
Therapeutic indication: Parkinson’s / Fibrosis

Partnered programs

DUB program: AbbVie collaboration
Rationale/target: Undisclosed
Therapeutic indication: Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
Development stage: Undisclosed

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